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Kathak, an art of devotion

Learn to dance Kathak online from your home and discover the liveliness and energy which imparts to you…
What you have to do is just click your way to a world of learning and select your choice of location. You may also find links to free online dance lessons and a few recommendations and suggestions for the beginners and the intermediates, those who wholeheartedly wishes to enjoy Kathak, the dance of motion. You will find video tutorials of Guru Pali Chandra for beginners and intermediate in this Online Programme.
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Empower yourself
Empower yourself through Kathak
In this ‘online Kathak learning video’, renowned Kathak dancer Pali Chandra shares her thoughts on how dance can empower women. That a staggering 99 percent of her students were women makes Pali discuss this issue in this video.

When a woman is understood, she is empowered, feels Pali Chandra. Here, Pali details on how the art form can help sustain you financially. Do watch the video for more.