Beginners level

The objective of this course is to provide you with an enriching learning program with one of the masters of classical and contemporary Kathak - Guru Pali Chandra. Here we present you a world where in you can learn this exquisite art form in easy, simple steps.

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Students residing in India who wish to register for our online classes, and would like to enrol for the whole year, can choose to buy this online programme for a year. The program allows you to have progressively increasing level of uninterrupted classes. This online learning course specially designed for beginners in a tutorial approach has 51 modules with nearly 222 sub divisions. Besides the self-explanatory lessons, Guru Pali Chandra will provide prompt online support on request.


Those learners who live outside of India may also enjoy Guru Pali Chandra's Beginners Program without any interruption by purchasing all the lessons on an annual basis. Once you purchase the course, it will be available to you for the whole year. This online learning course has 51 modules with nearly 222 sub divisions. Besides the self-explanatory lessons, Pali Chandra will also provide online support on request.


To encourage learners who are not familiar with Kathak, we offer free trial lessons on a weekly basis on You Tube. These lessons will be available under the free subscription programme on a one lesson a week basis and and it may take four years to complete the beginners level under free subscription programme. Please also note that we will not be able to issue certificates on successful completion of the program for those who join under free subscription programme as there is no evaluation system in place for them.


Salient features of a successful Kathak training program

  1. Practice safe dancing with a crisp warm up and a gradual cool down.
  2. Control your breath; prepare your mind and body for dance.
  3. Study your roots and keep revising your basics.
  4. To move with speed and grace, work on the accuracy of technique.
  5. Discuss dance with intelligence; theory is an important part.
  6. Evolve and innovate as a Kathak dancer.
  7. Your own 'riyaz'( practice) is necessary.
  8. Keep coding and preserving your dance knowledge.
  9. Watch others work and analyse it till you have clarity.
  10. Perfection in dance should be a joy to achieve.